Vivo Kids Shoe First Impression Review

Vivo Kids Shoe First Impression Review

I don’t know about your kids but mine LOVE being barefoot, I’m scrubbing red dirt from the carpet on a daily basis!

I know having the right type and fit is extremely important in a shoe, especially for kids. VivoBareoot shoe soles are made from a tough rubber, they are a bit thicker than the TadeEvo shoes I reviewed in an earlier post. They don’t quite roll up as easily or small as the TadeEvos do. All in all, they are great for kids foot growth so I love them no matter what.

We chose to try the Vivo barefoot shoes. For my daughter we chose The mini Primus, she is 1 1/2 and a size 5/6 and they actually had her size! Other brands didn’t go that small. She loves, loves her new shoes, she will bring them to me in the morning and will wear them all day if I let her.

For my son we got him The Primus kids, he is 4 and a size 12. He was super excited about getting these, he asked about them every day until they arrived, lol. He loves running in them and likes to roll them up to show us how small they get. We try to go on a family walk every night and he loves to balance on the curb and climb a tree or 2 in his vivos.

We have had the shoes for a little over a month now, they have held up great thus far. We will definitely be buying the kids their next pair from VivoBarefoot and I hope this review encourages you to as well!!  

I will be doing another review after they have had some good wear so stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading!!

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