TadeEvo Shoe’s First Impression

TadeEvo Shoe’s First Impression

I am a huge believer that being barefoot is the healthiest way to run, walk, climb etc. Wearing ill-fitting or just regular shoes can cause many problems with feet such as bunions, hammer toes, and smashing your toes together because most regular shoes don’t conform to the shape of your natural foot. You should be able to spread your toes apart in shoes but every shoe I have owned does not have that kind of toe space.

So, I recently got a pair of TadeEvo minimalist shoes and I have to say they are phenomenal, especially if you like that barefoot feel but still, want protection from sharp rocks and hot pavement, etc. Just look at how compact they are, what other regular shoes do you know of that can come in such a flat box?!

These are great for packing up, as you can actually roll up the shoes to fit in a small space. It’s amazing right!?
I tested out these shoes in some different ways, I ran, took them hiking, climbed trees, and climbed around some rocks. They have a rubber sole that is not only wonderful for rock climbing and tree climbing but allows for flexibility of the foot while on a hike. They also have the toe space you need to be able to spread your toes and get that barefoot feel!

If you step in water with them, yes, your feet will get wet but they aren’t made for water purposes, although if they do get wet they dry up pretty quick.

So if you are looking for great minimalist shoes, head on over to TadeEvo and get yourself a pair, the company is based in Poland so you got to have some patience with shipping but trust me it’s worth it!! šŸ˜Š

I will be doing another review after longer wear to see how they hold up, so stay tuned for more!!

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