Mochila wayuu bag 

Mochila wayuu bag 

Lets talk about mochila bags! Who doesn’t love these beautiful, colorful bags?! So you got a little taste of the mochila I recently finished, I’m going to get into what I liked and disliked about my first experience. 

I followed this Video tutorial.

I loved following along, it was fairly easy to catch on, once I did a few rows, I didn’t need the video anymore! So you can see I chose to do only 3 colors instead of 4 like she did. I used 1 pound of teal caron yarn I got at Joann’s as my main color, the beige and black is red heart super saver yarn and I used a 3.75mm crochet hook. 

So a dislike is that I didn’t know 100% Mercerized yarn was the best yarn to use for these bags, I used worsted weight size 4 so my bag wasn’t as sturdy and seemed to stretch more, where as cotton doesn’t stretch or give much. So learn from my mistake! Lol. 

⬆⬆ without the cardboard and extra strap piece. 

I did end up fixing the stretch issue by doubling the base and adding a round piece of cardboard in between the 2 base pieces and sewing it together. Also I crocheted a second strap to sew on the underneath of the original strap which has helped quit a bit with stretching. I now use my bag everyday with no problems! 

⬆⬆ with cardboard. No saggy base!! 

Then of course I made some mini and small versions out of peaches and creme 100% cotton yarn for my son and his friends, I worked these up in just a few hours and kind of just went off that pattern I used for mine just making the base smaller.

⬆⬆ small 

⬆⬆ mini

If you have any questions for me feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading! 

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