Crochet Pokemon 

Crochet Pokemon 

My nieces and nephews are big into Pokemon, so when I crocheted my nephews their first Pokemon characters they were ecstatic! 

The first one I did was Dragonite, I found this pattern. The pattern was easy to follow and pretty straight forward. 

I made it for his birthday last year and he loved it so much he asked me for a Mega charizard x, I told myself I would get it together for his birthday this year and I did, I made it happen. Even though the pattern I followed did not have a wing pattern so I had to free hand them. I think all in all it turned out pretty well. The pattern itself isn’t for a Mega charizard x specifically, I had to alter a few things. 

For his brother I made a baby bulbasaur, I had lots of fun with this one as I love the color blue. 

Isn’t he just cute!? I followed this pattern and all I did different was the eyes. 

I am currently deciding on his gift for his upcoming birthday. I’m either going to do eeve or charmander. Hmmm decisions, decisions. 

UPDATE: I’ve decided to do charmander for my nephew, It is complete!! 

A few months later their Aunt wanted a jiggly puff. I found this pattern here. The only thing I did different was crochet the eyes instead of using felt. 

I will be doing a umbreon come January for my niece, stay tuned!!

Thank you for reading! 

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