Crochet For Baby

Crochet For Baby

Don’t you just love seeing cute crochet items for little people? They are probably my favorite to crochet. There are so many different things to make for them. Shoes, blankets, toys, teethers, headbands, diaper covers, outfits, you name it. 

Here are few of my favorites I made for my children and others. 

The little vest I just finished for a friends daughter for her birthday in a few days 😊 I love how it turned out!! Thank you to the lovely Ashlea over at Heart hook home for this pattern

The patriotic sandals, I just finished for a customer on etsy getting ready for the 4th of July, aren’t they cute?! I got this pattern from Bethany at Whistle & ivy. Instead of the strap over the top I added a star. I love, love her shoe sole patterns, they are so easy to follow and fit the size they say. I hope you find her patterns just as helpful! 

The baby clothes blanket!! I tried to find a pattern for this all over the place, I had no luck, I just found sewn t-shirt blankets. So, I came up with a way I could incorporate crochet into it, I got these edgit hooks, very tiny hook that can poke holes, and I cut my sons baby clothes into squares and poked holes all around them and used said holes to crochet in! I was super excited about how it turned out.

The fur baby uggs I found on Pinterest you can find the pattern here. I recommend getting the novelty fur yarn she recommends, I didn’t. I used some stuff I found at Wal-Mart and it was very hard to work with, I had to go along and trim the fur off because it was too long, my hands were pretty sore the next day lol. 

The baby boy loafers I also found at Whistle & Ivy! She has soo many good patterns!! 

The Frozen inspired beanie I didn’t follow a pattern, I saw a picture of one on Pinterest and kind of had to wing it to make it look similar. I did use a pattern for that beautiful snowflake though! I used a bigger crochet hook than mentioned to get to the size I wanted. 

The chevron blanket pattern I found on Pinterest also, such a wonderful place! I made this for my daughter while I was pregnant with her. 

And last but not least the infant barefoot sandals, also on Pinterest! Summer had just started and I was trying to find summer type items for my Etsy shop, these were perfect! 

Enjoy these patterns fellow crocheters!! I hope they are as fun for you as they were for me, and for those who don’t crochet, find my shop button up top on the home page, feel free to message me about custom orders if what you want is not in my shop! 

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