Spa Items

Spa Items

A few weeks ago I was just doing the dishes and some other chores, while the hubby was on the computer blogging and doing research, the kids were screaming and playing, It had been a bit of a stressful day.

I got to thinking about a Spa and how nice it would be to go and just relax for a few hours (I’ve never been but it sounds sooo good!). Then I got to thinking about spa items and what type of items I could crochet to make my bathroom more spa like ( I know, sad right?) Lol. 

I came up with washcloths, facial scrubbies, and soap saver bags. I could easily add more things but I wanted to see how these came out first. So next I talked my hubby into taking me to hobby lobby and I got the I love this cotton yarn in mint, coral, curry, and white. This yarn really is amazing, its so soft! I definitely recommend this yarn to anyone who needs a 100% cotton yarn for a project.

I found the washcloth pattern on Pinterest, it can be found here. The only thing is I did 26 rows instead of 28 like the pattern calls for. 

The face scrubby and the soap bag I came up with my own pattern, which will be in a later blog post once I get them written up. For the soap bag I still incorporated the bean stitch from the washcloth pattern, I figured they should look similar since it was going to be a spa set. 

After finishing the spa sets, I got to thinking, how well would these sell in a real spa? I emailed a local spa here in the town we live in and offered to crochet them spa items to sell at their business. I still haven’t heard anything back but my fingers are crossed!! I will probably end up emailing more spas near me to see if I get lucky. 😅 

I love them! You can find them in my shop as well 😘. I think next I will try a loofah and a back scrubber.

I would love to hear from you, if you have any more spa item ideas, leave a comment or contact me through the contact page! Have a great day and thanks for reading!! 

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